About Us

About Us

M Pride Co.,Ltd (Former UNM), one of the fastest growing distribution companies in Myanmar, has built up dynamic and extensive distribution and marketing networks throughout Myanmar. At this point of time, M Pride is reaching out to 40 million local consumers via 15,000 and more outlets in Myanmar. M Pride is presently serving seven key suppliers with 150 competent and motivated individuals. With our local expertise, knowledge and extensive reach, we can be your number one choice of distribution partner, to render our services and to assist in reaching our clients’ targeted sales and growth in Myanmar market.


M Pride’s comprehensive package serves to bring value for its clients’ products at various levels. M Pride offers a range of services from product feasibility studies, product registration, importation through borders and sea freight, product and brand marketing management, in-store activations, merchandizing, warehousing and customer services, nationwide distribution and logistics services. M Pride’s focus lies in three product category: beverages , confectionery , groceries , cosmetics and personal care products..With the expertise of M Pride’s founders, in-depth knowledge and marketing experiences in Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), M Pride can stand in its clients’ shoes and fully understand their needs. This is the key factor and component in providing tailor-made services that will maximize value for our clients and their products. It is one of the M Pride’s objectives to help its clients grow their business in Myanmar with high cost efficiency and reduced risk.

How we can serve your needs

M Pride’s expanding network infrastructure and distribution channels nationwide can help its clients reach out to more customers instantaneously. M Pride has an integrated supply chain management system and a wide range of marketing services that can be tailored to clients’ needs. M Pride’s strength lies in its local know-how and logistical expertise to help FMCG brand owners expand their market in Myanmar. Combining international values, regional best practices and local cultural knowledge, M Pride is clearly your no. 1 partner for distribution.

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