Our Leadership


 Zaw Myo Hlaing
 Managing Director

 Professional Experience

 Zaw Myo Hlaing has been Managing Director of M Pride Co., Ltd.(Former UNM) since June 2015. He oversees operational management on Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Warehouse and HR functions.

 Before joining M Pride, He held a position of Managing Director at Unilever Myanmar since 2010.

 He joined Unilever Myanmar since 1996 and served in many positions and countries in ASEAN region before moving back to Myanmar as Managing Director.

 In 1996, he moved to Customer Development Department of Unilever Thailand (Indochina Business Unit) and served Laos and Cambodia region.

 From 2007 to 2010, he held Customer Development Director Position of Indochina Business Unit.


 Zaw Myo Hlaing studied economics at the Institute of Economics, Yangon and also graduated with an MBA in 2000.

 Further Activities

 In addition to holding Executive Director Position at M Pride Co.,Ltd., Zaw Myo Hlaing founded Vconnect Digital Co. Ltd in 2015 and holding Board of Chairman position to spearhead its digital footprint in Myanmar.

 He founded ZTK Education foundation in year 2000 and has been supporting less fortunate gifted students from all over the country.


 Nimar Win Myint @ Khet Khet
 Co-Founder & Business Development Director

 Professional Experience

 Khet Khet cofounded M Pride Co., Ltd and has been Business Development Director since December 2009. She is responsible for sourcing new suppliers for new business development and expansion, dealing with existing suppliers and FMCG principals to maintain the long-term good relationship. Khet Khet also oversees the Finance and Supply Chain management to make sure M Pride’s operations are running excellently.

 She worked as a professional teacher at Yangon Institute of Economics. Before she entered into business field, she was an Assistant Lecturer when she quit her job in 2008.

 Khet Khet is also well academically inclined that she was an assistance lecturer at Yangon Institute of Economics, before absolute commitment to M Pride.


 Khet Khet graduated from Yangon Institute of Economics with B. Com (Hons) and M.Com.

 Further Activities

 Since Khet Khet likes to contribute in social welfare, she founded ZTK Education foundation in year 2000 together with Zaw Myo Hlaing and constantly supports less fortunate gifted students from all over the country.

 Htay Myint

 Professional Experience

 Htay Myint is one of the founding members of M Pride Co., Ltd and served as Managing Director from December 2009 to 2015. He is presently serving as board members .

 He has been a Regional Manager for Upper Myanmar at Fair Deal, was responsible for sales and marketing operation for consumer products since 2003 and in 2005, he took up dual roles, National Sales Manager as well as Business Manager for Head of consumer division.

In 1998, he joined DKSH as Marketing Manager for Colgate-Palmolive brand in trade and consumer marketing field.

In 1995, he joined Unilever (Myanmar) as Sales and Distribution Executives and oversaw consumer products.


Htay Myint holds a Bachelor of Commence degree in Economics from Institute of Economics, Yangon.

Further Activities

In addition to holding being board members at M Pride, Htay Myint also holds Managing Director position at Green Tree Strength Co. Ltd.


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