Our Satisfied Partners

"M Pride (Former UNM) has been instrumental in introducing Cute Press to the Myanmar market, rapidly growing our distribution points in both modern trade and traditional trade channels, and achieving significant on-shelf visibility in less than two years. M Pride's team provided us with in-depth understanding of the Myanmar market and helped shape our strategy, resulting in sales growth that was beyond our expectation. We truly appreciate their genuine commitment to help Cute Press become a top of mind premium quality cosmetics brand among young women in Myanmar, and look forward to continued success in our partnership with M Pride."
Suksiri Sakdibhornssup
Director, SSUP Holdings



“M Pride (Former UNM) has played a key role in the success of the Malee brand in the Myanmar market, which has grown steadily over the past 3 years. We appreciate M Pride’s dedication and support for the Malee brand, and look forward to our continued collaboration in achieving sustainable growth for both companies going forward.”

OpasLopansri, EVP International Business

"Having M Pride (Former UNM) as our exclusive distributor in Myanmar, is undeniable key success factor for De Leaf Thanakaremarkable growth since the brand entry to the market. Not only being expert in distribution business, M Pride also has clear strategy and commitment in execution in order to achieve required outcomes without compromising on efficiency. We are looking forward to raising the bar of beauty industry together for years to come."

SupachaiJupanish (General Manager)

M Pride Co., Ltd (Former UNM) is a trusted partner that we have been cooperating with since 2013. Within 02 years only, M Pride helps us grow our business at the 3-digit-level with their unparalleled capacity distribution and in-depth knowledge of Myanmar market. M Pride is accompanied by a group of creative and devoted staff who always find out the way to achieve common targets of both sides in Myanmar. We are confident that a continued partnership with M Pride will enable us expand our presence further and get the highest customer satisfaction score.

(Trinh TrungHieu (Mr.) – General Director)

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