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We rise by lifting others!

Giving back to society is one of the main founding factors of M Pride. We understand that it is important to give back as much as we gain. We are committed to giving back to our stakeholders as well as to our community.


A definite part of our yearly profit is dedicated to carrying out CSR activities.

We believe that education is the core element in improving the standards of the country and society. Therefore, we established education and skill-enhancement programs. Education programs include giving scholarships to outstanding students and financial support to students that are in need. Skill-enhancement programs include vocational training activities such as computer and English language classes for high school students that they can utilize later in their future careers. In addition, internship programs are offered to college students to help them develop skills so that they can transit to their working life more conveniently.

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M Pride sees itself as education enabler and following on-going sponsorships speak for themselves proving the fact.

  • With M Pride sponsorship, “Light on the Hill” Monastery Education School in Mingaladone Township has seen 500 individuals completed and graduated from computer course without any fees of charge from 2011 to 2020.

  • M Pride annually sponsors 15 scholarships and donates stationaries for needy 600 students since 2011 at “Zeyar Thiri Arthawka” Monastery Education School in Bago division. 

  • M Pride annually sponsors 15 scholarships for full time students and 10 scholarships for distant-learning (part-time) students in Meiktila economic university, starting from 2019.

  • With the aim to improve English proficiency for 1.5 million primary or elementary level students, M Pride sponsored Grade 2 & 3 English eLearning application in partnership with 360Ed and donated to Ministry of education.

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